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Team Building


Team building can be any common leisure-time that employees spend outside the business premises. In short: any situation when we take our employees away from their work within the company. 

Key benefits

  • stress management
  • communication
  • planning
  • inspection



Zipline is a perfect way to celebrate achievements of companies, rewarding employees or just relax. Your zipline experience will be complete because we help companies to build better relationships. 

We can liven up the event with a picnic or lunch at the selected restaurant. 


The trip is organized for closed groups. It takes place on 8-10 km long section of the river Soca. Our attention to customers is larger (best guides, animation). At the end of the trip we taste local made liquor. 



No marriage should pass without an unforgettable stag and hen party. In our company Soča Rafting, we will do our best to make your last single day unforgettable. Depending on your wishes, we can organize an unforgettable bachelorette at the largest zipline park in Europe, rafting on the Soča river or canyoning in the Sušec canyon. In addition to this event, we also gladly prepare a picnic for you. Your day will be carefree, safe, in short, perfect.



The games can add variety to your business encounter or liven up occuring on picnic. It is amusing competition between teams. The competition is made out of several activities, as crossing the river, skiing, running, dressing up etc. We can adapt the games in accordance to your wishes.

Duration: 45 min- 1,5 hour.



We choose the length and section of the river in accordance to the wishes and the physical abilities of participants. Beginners get basic instructions and the descend down the river can start.

The trip takes 2,5 hours of time.



In more boats for 2 -3 persons a group can descent down the Soča river. We choose the length and section of the river in accordance to the wishes and the physical abilities of participants.

The trip takes 2,5 hours.



Treasure hunt is a team effort; a combination of walking, running, orientation and task solving. Participants, devided in groups, compete in discovering of the treasure. There is more tasks to complete. The fastest team wins. Hunt takes place in wonderful enviroment next to streams, waterfalls and river Soča.

Duration: 2 - 4 hours.



Adventure race activity is intended for mutual competition between business groups and building of the team spirit. Competition takes place in the intact nature of Soča valley and it consists of different sport activities: running, mountain biking, kanu launch or rafting and canyoning. We can adapt the Adventure race in accordance to your wishes.

Entire competition takes from 2 to 5 hours; it depends on your wishes.



In spring we organize a whole day trip including skiing, mountain biking, trekking and rafting - BOVEC SUPER LAUNCH. The challenge is in trying three different sports in just one day - in altitude of almost 2000 metres.
Season: from March to May - every day.



Interesting in the spring months is also BOVEC LUNCH - a trip that includes skiing and mountain biking. In one day you can make a descent with a total height difference of more than 2000 meters.



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