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Where is the meeting point?

In our sports centre Soca rafting in Bovec town, 30 minutes before the chosen hour of departure. We are situated 200 m from the centre uphill, next to the church. In case you don`t find us, dial +386 41 72 44 72.


What to bring ?

The participants are advised to bring a bathing suit and a towel for water activities, for zipline appropriate footwear (trekking shoes).


How is it taken care of my safety?

The sports and touristic activities organised by the Soča Rafting company are carried out proffesionally and safely. We take care of your safety by:

  • sports equipment from top quality materials and tested according to European standards;
  • guided tours are selected so that you are not exposed to unnecessary risks;
  • guides  know the river and terrain very well, they are issued with all necessary licences for activities.

However, a safe trip also requires your cooperation and assuming a part of the responsability. We expect our guests to be mentally and physically fit and not to be under the influence of alcohol or any other psychotropic substances.


What about my physical abilities?

For water activities we expect from the participants to be comfortable in water with moderate swimming ability. In general we expect from participants to be mentally and physically fit and not to be under the influence of alcohol or any other psychotropic substances. No additional knowledge or experience is required for the demanding trips.
We don`t reccomend participation in activities to pregnant women, people with serious health problems or injuries.


What if the weather is bad?

Bad weather is not a reason to cancel the trip - on the contrary, some activities are even more fun in the rain as it enables us to feel the nature. However, we do postpone the trip according to the agreement with our customers, if the weather conditions are not appropriate.





On more technically demanding sports programms children up to 14 years of age must be accompanied by parents. Limitations for activities:

  • children, higher than 110 cm can participate in rafting trip Kreda,
  • children, higher than 130 cm, swimmers, can participate in all rafting programs,
  • children, higher than 140 cm, swimmers, can participate in all water sports,
  • maximum weight:
    - women: up to 115 kg or with a body mass index greater than 30
    - men: up to 125 kg or with a body mass index greater than 40.
  • belt volume for canyoning can not be larger than 120 cm




  • Children until 14 years must be accompanied by parents
  • Zipline is suitable for children, higher than 120 cm
  • Weight limitation: 35-125 kg  (lighter children can go on a zipline in tandem with the guide)





General obligation

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